Business Apps


£20 per month, per user

iOS and iPadOS

Data stored in personal iCloud


£30 per month, per user

iOS and iPadOS

Data stored in shared iCloud



iOS, iPadOS and Web Browser

Data stored on hosted server

Why chose Phillips IT Ltd for your business applications?

Free initial meeting and design

We don't charge you for an initial meeting or to design and scope out the application. All our applications are designed and published for free and you manage your subscription with Apple through the App Store. This allows you to get an application up and running quickly and easily without any upfront costs.

No upfront fees

All our apps are billed monthly, either through the App Store or through our own billing platform for the hosted server. There are no upfront setup fees or design fees to cover. When your app is ready you start the subscription and you can use the app. Having a monthly relationship also means we can review and improve the app as and when we need to. You aren't buying an application that might break with the next release of iOS and you need to spend more money to fix it. If your app stops working for any reason and we can't fix it you can just cancel your subscription at anytime.