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Our business consultation service offers a comprehensive review of your current business processes and how you utilise your current IT infrastructure.
We will then work with you to review your day to day processes to make them more efficient by utilising your existing IT infrastructure or by helping you invest in implementing and developing a new one

Our consultancy service looks at how you manage and process data from an initial enquiry through to the completion of an order/contract. We can then look for any gaps in the process from an IT perspective. It may be that you use different pieces of software at each stage and that we can integrate them to reduce the repetition of data and chance of data input errors. We will also review how you store and manage data to spot any weak security points or where you may be falling short of your legal requirements.

Our initial consultation meeting is completely no obligation and we will present our findings in a report for you to review at your leisure. Hopefully if you decide that the findings and recommendations would be suitable for your business and you would like to partner with us to implement them then that would be fantastic.

Having worked in the IT industry for 13 years for various different size companies we’ve learnt that regardless of size most businesses fall into the same routine when it comes to their IT infrastructure and policies. Most companies spend money to fix what they already have in place without any clear goals or objectives to achieve. What our service aims to achieve is an IT Strategy to help your business become more efficient.