£90 per month

up to 80Mbps Download

up to 20Mbps Upload

Includes hardware worth £300.
Initial 12 month contract
Then rolling £60 per month


£100 per month

up to 160Mbps Download

up to 30Mbps Upload

Includes hardware worth £300.
Initial 12 month contract
Then rolling £70 per month


£110 per month

up to 330Mbps Download

up to 50Mbps Upload

Includes hardware worth £300.
Initial 12 month contract
Then rolling £80 per month

Why chose Phillips IT Ltd for your broadband?

Free site survey

If you are unsure on which package is best suited for your business, or unsure on whether the equipment and setup you have at present can be utilised in anyway then just give us a call and book in a free site survey. We can come to your business and assess what can and can’t be used along with recommendations for where to locate the equipment. If we can use any existing equipment, then we can advise this and reduce the cost of the first 12 months. Utilising existing equipment can save money in the first 12 months but may also limit the level of technical support available.

Enterprise grade hardware and monitoring

Most business rely on their internet connection to perform their day to day operations but sometimes fail to realise the importance of their infrastructure until it is too late. More businesses rely on multiple web-based applications and services that internet speed and reliability is important.

All of our packages offer business grade equipment designed to keep your connection up and running 24/7. The initial outlay may seem expensive compared to other who offer free routers, but the difference in quality and functionality for what a business needs to scale and grow is very different.

Professional Installation

We will come to your premises to ensure your broadband and equipment is correctly installed and working. We will also set up for the remote monitoring alerts and can also configure a VPN allowing you to connect to your office remotely to access services and devices inside the office network.

If you don’t go for the recommended hardware and chose to select your own hardware or utilise existing infrastructure, we can visit site for a one-off fee of £150 to carry out the installation and setup.

Designed for Scalability

Instead of using cheap modems, routers and switches we use high end and feature rich equipment ensuring you can always expand your network without the need to re-invest. The USG allows for connections to various routers and network providers meaning if you decided to get a Fibre to the premise installation or change to a different provider you can utilise all the equipment we provide. It is normally just a case of changing the username and password on the modems to match the new provider.

The Small Print
Pricing above covers you for anything between an ADSL connection or FTTC 80/20 connection depending on availability in your area. The contract is for 12 months and will automatically renew onto a rolling monthly contract. Hardware remains property of Phillips IT Ltd until the end of the first 12 month contract. The Hardware we provide can be used for any provider and is not locked to our own network. All prices shown are excluding VAT. Line installation is only required if the property doesn’t have an existing suitable Openreach line installed at the property. Line installation fees are subject to Openreach terms and pricing and may increase from the £100 should they class it as a difficult installation.